Who is this Abe of which you speak?

The head of AbeSomeone once described me as being “the most handsome and most intelligent man” they had ever met. I am certain that they meant it, even when I pointed my gun in the other direction.

Much has transpired since I originally set up this blog in the Spring of 2010. My faith has grown, and doors of ministry have opened for both my wife and I. God has blessed us immensely!

I have lived a strange and wonderful life and many of my stories are absolutely true.

I taunt you sincerely and invite you into my lair of blogs. You may be surprised to find a redneck conservative such as myself revealing my soft and mushy insides, much like a Twinkie does when dropped from a very high place.

Peace and love to you and your kin. And if we should happen to pass each other on the street, I ask that you kindly refrain from making fun of my lazy eye.

PS: I am a joyful dude. God has given me my joy back after it was stolen from me. I hope you will come away from the writings herein with a sense of this joy and an understanding that this joy is meant for you as well! Want some? Ask me. Get some!

J. Abe Mantle



  1. Welcome to the MySpace Veterans Club, or is it refugee camp?

    My job is secret too, in fact it is so secret that I don’t know what I am doing.

    Good luck mate.

    • Ha ha! Thank you, Jacob. Good to see you here.

    • Hey Jacob, I followed your link and finally found your website. Interesting stuff! I’ve bookmarked it and plan to check out some of the books you have listed. That is a great site.

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  3. hey abe! wow! the piano music is absolutely wonderful! what a happy treat to receive the cd and especially to meet you in person! thank you so much!


    • Thank you! The feeling is mutual. It was great to meet both of you. I’m glad you like the piano CD. I look forward to talking with you again and hope to lasso some fish with your handsome husband soon.

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  5. Har! My job is so secret , even the people who pay me each week can’t figure out why they do it.

  6. Dear Mr. Mantle: I saw almost every home run you hit and you wore the Yankee pinstripes well. Say “Hello” to Joe, the Babe, and Lou up there for me.

    • Ha! You got it, Carl.

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