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Dear Kiddies: Communism Bad. Freedom Good.

A recent statement by a young man blew me away. The young man is my 21 year-old son and I love him dearly. It is possible that he may read this blog and my intent is not to embarrass him. I mean only to attempt to correct the misinformation that is apparently being taught to our young. He and I were discussing a movie that he had watched about Che Guevara and I was asking him questions about how Che was portrayed. I pointed out that Che helped form a communist regime and my son said, “Yeah, but communism isn’t bad. It just hasn’t been done right yet.” I was quiet for a moment, thinking about his comment. I told him that I couldn’t believe he would say such a thing and I began to think about where he would have gotten this idea.

This thought process opened my eyes. The more I have mulled this over and have observed what is happening around me, the more I am astounded at the way that an alternate history is being foisted on our young. I have taken for granted that we as a nation understand and appreciate the freedom that we have and would never seek to throw it away. After all, countless lives were given in the protection of ours and of other great and free societies – lives that were given to protect us from tyranny and oppression.

But it seems our youth may be fed another tale and that the lessons from the past and certain realities of the present are being colored a distinctly rosy hue. Let me summarize before I expound:
Communism is bad.
Freedom is good.

Just as the pigs in the Orwell’s Animal Farm painted their manifesto upon the barn wall, the above phrases should be scratched into the chalkboards of our schools. As in the story portrayed by Orwell, the utopian ideal sounds delightful to some: “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs”. Delightful. Unless you are one of those who likes to make your own choices. Then this would be hell.

And hell it has been. The death toll from communism is staggering. As exact numbers are impossible to come by, estimates vary but it is estimated that 100,000,000 people have been killed directly by communism. 100 million. Dead. Another 30,000,000 more have been killed in wars and rebellions sparked by the leaders of these regimes.

Lies and Oppression
In our free society, if we do not like the government, we can march in protest, vote in free elections, run for government positions ourselves, and hold debates in the open. This is freedom. Freedom is good. In communist regimes, disagreement is not and cannot be tolerated. It is silenced and the silence is brutal. Individuals are silenced by imprisonment, forced labor, or death. The myth that these are wonderful and happy societies is totally false. One need look no further than the walls that hold in the populace of those countries who still continue to keep this dying ideology alive.

In communist societies, dissenters are imprisoned and beaten. China is a current example. This morning I saw an ad made by China to entice America to do more business with China. It showed happy people smiling and talked about how great China was. It did not show the people who are imprisoned and beaten and killed for “inciting subversion of state power”. That is real. Communism is bad. One need only ask a person who has fled such a country.

Che is NOT Cool
In fact, Ernesto “Che” Guevaro was a thug and a killer who worked to enslave Cuba. Just ask someone who lived through it. How he became an icon for cool, I will never know. Che bragged to the United Nations, “We do executions…and we will continue to do executions.” And execute they did. A significant percentage of the male population was imprisoned and executed. Che had a portion of his office wall removed so he could watch the executions. Che was a nasty jerk and a communist. Che is bad.

Mao Was Evil
In 1949, Mao tse-Tung became the head of the 1st Chairman of the Communist Party of China. Prior to that he led an army that killed 180,000 citizens of China, torturing many. About his glorious leadership as Chairman Mao, one source puts it this way:

There can be no doubt that this period destroyed the economy of China and directly contributed to the deaths of millions on top of the estimated five million executed in death camps. But the greatest loss of life under Mao came during the next period 1958-1962 under the perverse name “Great Leap Forward” in which Mao – convinced of his own academic brilliance – forced insane, untested work and farming practices upon the Chinese people causing the deaths of up to 72 millions of innocent peasants – making Mao the single greatest mass murderer in human history.” (One-Evil.Org)

Mao was bad. North Korea carries on the great tradition behind their silent walls, led by the notoriously poor-dressing Kim Jong-il, whose 9,000,000 body death count recently garnered him status as one of the most evil men alive.

Are We Done Yet?
Yes. And thankfully, communism is almost dead as well. Only 5 countries exist that still follow the communist ideal, and two of those–China and Viet Nam–have begun to move towards a form of Nationalism, allowing them to take advantage of Capitalism.

I have intentionally stayed away from discussions of politics in my WordPress blog. I believe that what I have written here is non-partisan and I hope that it strikes a chord in someone. I have written what I only assumed we all knew… but as I have seen, there are some who are being led down a different path in history. Let us seek the truth, regardless of how ugly it may be.



  1. Political or not, we live in a country that allows freedom of speech, therefore I’m glad you exercised your rights, and quite eloquently. I don’t pretend to know anything about communism, naitionalism, or any other ism’s for that matter. Just reading this makes me feel just a tiny bit embarrassed, to have walked through my life, for the most part, blissfully unaware of the plight of those who have the misfortune to be born into a society such as you discribe here. However you’ve inspired me to do a bit of research and learn a little history while I’m at it. Thanks, I needed something to keep me busy while the ‘ol man’s gone anyway.

    • Thank you, Mika. I don’t claim to know much about anything except trees. But it is important to understand a bit about the world, especially those parts of the world that may have an effect upon our own. That said, there are just too many issues for any of us to deal with all of them! The age of information that we are in really causes us to just pick and choose from a few issues to become informed about. And even fewer that we can become truly knowledgeable about.

  2. Che Guevara was quite and icon in the 60’s. I remember I had a t-shirt of him. I guess in the US he was a symbol of revolution of the under class by hippie culture. But the reality is that he was a murderous terrorist and Castro’s henchman. His job was to infiltrate, indoctrinate and assassinate to spread the revolution in South America. There has never been a true communist state.Communism’s leaders and proponents have all been murderous dictators. On the other hand one tiny bit of true communist philosophy that has become appealing to me is the idea of “the dictatorship of the workers” (which has never materialized). In this understanding dictatorship means government where the workers rule by democratic majorities. In light of the concentration of wealth and power accumulated by the megacorps and megabanks some force from the people must confront them. They have more power than most sovereign nations. The First and Second Century Christians lived in sharing communities, but your son must learn to see that there is a difference in the communal living of dedicated peers possessed of the Holy Spirit and communism. I understand your reluctance to engage in political commentary on your blog. My blog is a cartoon and humor blog. But from time to time I post my rage against the war in Afghanistan. Whenever we do that, we risk losing part of our loyal readership. But Billy Graham preached that if you deny the Christ and the teachings, you re-crucify the Christ in a metaphoric way. In reality to deny the Christ is not metaphoric at all. And to turn away without speaking against evil is re-crucifying the Christ.

    • Thank you, Carl. In the past I used a blog on Myspace to rant on poltical issues. Unfortunately, that site has become less than friendly to bloggers…

      I understand what you are saying about communal living, etc. I believe this is what my son was referring to. I think what stands in the way of something like this succeeding is human nature. There will always be those who will want to take control and become the ruling class. And it seems that without this ruling body, there is nothing to stop another from taking power. I think the example you gave about early Christians is a great one. I think they were doing this very early, even while Paul was still alive, correct? At some point, this was co-opted by government forces and somehow became a ruling force and a quasi-government of it’s own. Very interesting…another subject I would like to know more about! Thanks again, Carl!

      • Yes in early fellowships there were half a dozen different takes on the meaning of Jesus and Christian living that are not very much present in our current understandings. Especially the important and equal role of women.

  3. Very thoughtful, informative post. Yes, communism and socialsim have all failed wherever they have been implemented. Even democracies are not perfect, which is why our Founders set up America as a Republic. It is a form of government where yes, it is one man, one vote like a democracy, but then we have representatives to ensure the balance of the rights of the indiviual vs. the desires of the majority. Obviously, our government is far from perfect. But it is the very best form of government if you cherish freedom.
    I’m happy I found your blog. I will be back.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree with you that our government is a work in progress. As citizens we have a hand in shaping it and that’s great!

  4. I don’t think that you have to keep your blog non-political. I think poolitics are a very important topic. I realize that from day to day.

    • Thank you for your comment, Kim. I have done so on another blog, but wanted to keep this one politics-free, if possible…it IS kind of hard for me to do 🙂

      • Ah, nice! I didn’t know that you have another blog!

        • Oh, I haven’t used it in quite awhile – that was over on Myspace. I can’t figure that site out now 🙂

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