Posted by: Abe's Blog | July 8, 2010


Summer has arrived in Oregon. We have gone from complaining about the rain and cold to speaking incessantly about the heat in the span of two weeks. It is shaping up to be a very busy summer and it appears that my work may require me to begin traveling and camping soon. I don’t mind the camping, but it is a little hard on my family. Charley, the happy dog, gets to go with me, but everyone else gets left behind.

The music studio has been busy with practice sessions for a gospel show and last night I recorded my first full-length CD customer. The artist is a local singer/songwriter/performer named Mark Baratta. We recorded about 13 acoustic songs, mostly in single-takes. The process was efficient and very enjoyable. When the session was finished, I had my man Jeeves run Mr. Baratta home in the stretch Hummer limo. Then I made Jeeves chase the starlings out of the eaves of the shop. I’ve found that it is very helpful to have a Jeeves. Stretch limo Hummers are nice, too. I would recommend getting one of each.

I picked up an old friend from the airport on Tuesday. This is a friend from my youth–we had a band as teenagers and he was the bass-player. He has been around the world as a soldier and it’s great to see him and work in the woods together for a time and play a little music. I am helping him with a business plan for an eco-tourism business in Hawaii, and that is pretty exciting.

The past week or two have been so busy that I have not found time to blog, but I’m here. I will post up one of Mark Baratta’s songs when I have it mixed. Hope you all are enjoying your long, hot summer!



  1. Summer is never nearly long enough! But yes, we’re experiencing the heat up here in Ontario. Big time. 112 F heat, actually, considering the humidity.

    Busy is good too, Abe, especially when you enjoy what you’re doing. Have fun!

    • Ooh, I bet that heat feels hot! Yes, having fun and working hard too. Time passes too fast.

  2. We’re still waiting on more heat and more sun here on the coast in California — I actually put the heat on this morning it was so chilly… I know, I know! Ridiculous! Maybe I’m coming down with something?

    Happy weekend (& summer) Abe!

    • El Nino! We have your heat.

      I like how you So Cals call 70 degrees chilly 🙂

  3. Man you have a lot of irons in the fire. How did you find a Jeeves? I think he’d be handier to have around than a henchman

  4. Oh yes, Jeeves are waaay better than henchmen. Henchmen are notorious for turning on the Big Boss (Me). I found my Jeeves on Craigslist.

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