Posted by: Abe's Blog | July 1, 2010

Love Is An Ocean, Part 2–An Audio Update

Here is the bare bones start of this song. I posted the lyrics in the last blog.  Here I am just using a keyboard track and a vocals, but I will need to re-work the keys. I will be adding drums, strings, etc. and will update again as that happens.



  1. You are one creative guy!

    • Thanks Mike! I’m having a good time 🙂

  2. Okay, here I go Abe… My full on critizism because for whatever reason I’ve now deemed myself “someone who knows something about music” (so NOT true at all!). But here I go anyways:

    I don’t think you should add anything else to this song! I love the simplicity of the piano and the voice. It is beautiful as is. I’m afraid if you add all the bells and whistles it might take away from it. But that’s just me. I’ll be open to listening it when you do add all that stuff, but I’m just saying.

    Now, what I would “change” (if that’s the right word) is again this thing with volume. I feel like your voice is overpowering the piece instead of it being on unified collaborative thing. Does that makes sense? In my layman terms, I’d turn down the volume on the voice part because it’s too loud…. (uggh, that’s sound wierd, my apologies).

    Okay, I hope this was somewhat helpful. I love learning and listening and I hope you don’t mind my thought on it all… when you win your grammy I’ll remember when…


    • Thank you, Carmen! I appreciate your thoughts. I’m still working on those mixing issues. I went too far towards the vocals mix on this one, but it’s only a rough, unedited version.

      I like what you say about simplicity. Here’s what I’m thinking: soft fretless bass coming in after first verse with soft drums, pretty mellow, basically accenting the 3/4 time structure. I would like to bring a cello in towards the beginning, then add a violin during the instrumental portion. I’ll play around with it some more and let you hear both versions. I like the bare-bones simplicity, but my fear is that I lose the audience throughout the song.

  3. So sweet of you to actually think I understood any of all of that. 3/4 something and fretless bass — yeah, I’m serious when I say I know NOTHING about music — just that I enjoy listening to it.

    But I don’t think you lose the audience at all throughout the song. However, I am open to hearing the finished version and then making a decision and having more information to render a better opinion. That’s fair, right? Ha!

    Regardless of what you do — it’s a sweet song so it’s worth all the effort to make it perfect the way you see it..


    • Thank you, Carmen! When I hit the big time, I will give you all the credit. I’m sure you will already be there!

  4. Looking forward to a chance to listen sometime over the holiday weekend. Speaking of which, hope you have a nice one!

  5. i love it! it is so soft and gentle….i’ve listened to it several times and hope you’ll put it, as is, on my NEXT cd! i’ve nearly worn out the piano one…music to knit and spin by…


    • Thank you, M! I think I will follow this advice. I’m working on that next cd now 🙂

  6. Bravo!

    Thunderous applause!


    • Thank YOU for helping me write it!

      • Oh, Abe, you are much too generous!

      • Now that I have basked in your creative light and enjoyed my few days of reflected fame…Just how did I help you write that song?

        • Well, first you gave me an excuse to take the coast route all the way up to Seaside. It was during this drive that I finished writing the song.
          Secondly, I was playing with the song idea before I met you and talked to you. I told you what it was called and you said it was “Very cool,” or something to that effect. I had begun to think it was too sappy and was going to scrap it. But when you told me it was cool, I was motivated to write it and finish it. See how impressionable I am? 🙂

  7. Finally got my player back so I could listen to this piece. Some soft drums and strings would be nice. Nice lyrics and melody.

    • Glad you got your player back! Yeah, there is some potential in this song, I think.

  8. So beautiful. Just adding my thoughts here… I agree that the vocal volume should come down some, but not by much. Also, the simple beauty of just the piano behind your voice creates a sensual ambiance conveying the depth of emotion behind the lyrics. I love it.

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