Posted by: Abe's Blog | June 29, 2010

Love Is An Ocean

Today was a beautiful and interesting day. I met fellow Blogger and all-around cool-guy, Roger and his lovely wife and had great conversation and good coffee. I continued my drive up the Oregon Coast, perfecting the trucker’s tan on my left arm (it burns!) and was inspired to finish writing the lyrics to a song that came to me last night. This song will have 3/4 timing-think waltz–at least that is how I hear it in my head. Just for fun, I thought I would post the lyrics, then update it with the song as it gets recorded. Things may change.

Love is like an ice-cube
  Traced along the curve of your spine
While pieces of sunshine
  Fall down from heaven like a warm smile
And a fragrance of jasmine
  Mixes with the breeze to form a dream
Love is an ocean
  And I am the prince of the tides

Love is like a long walk
  On a pathway enshrouded in vines
Where shadows and daylight
  Play games with the color of your eyes
And the truth as we know it
  Stretches away for a while
Love is an ocean
  And I am the prince of the tides

It’s hard to remember
  The lifetime I lived before you
But ev’ry December
  We honor the vow that was made
The past is a cause-way
  To channel the memories of time
Love is an ocean
  And I am the prince of the tides

Oh the path to your heart
  Is lined with the shadows of fools
And the fire within you
  Burns brightly but does me no harm
I sought to protect you
  But I was the one who was saved
Oh, love is an ocean
  And I am the prince of the tides
Yes, love is an ocean
  And I am the prince of the tides

(c) Jethro Abram Mantle, 2010



  1. I love it…You are such a Romantic!

    • I most certainly am! As cheesy as they come. 🙂

  2. The song sounds good Abe, although it will no doubt sound better when you sing/play it than it does when the voice in my head butchers it, haha.

    Very cool that you and Roger got to meet each other too!

    • Thanks! Songs often change between the written and the recorded, so it will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

      Meeting Roger was great. I highly reccomend it 🙂

  3. Nice lyrics! I’ll wait for the completed tune patiently (although this is somewhat of a tease Mr. Abe).

    And the real question is, how was it to meet Huck? I believe full name is: Huckleberry?


    • I’m excited about working on this song. I should have a rough mix within a few days.

      Huckleberry? A perfect gentleman. Well…nearly perfect 🙂 He is a warm and funny man with a beautiful and charming wife. I had a great time talking with him in person!

  4. I am laughing so hard — that belly aching kinda laugh! Huck’s a perfect gentleman — I would think nothing less being part of that wonderful family and being so loved by Roger and SS (I’ll let Roger divulge who Huck is – I’m sure you met while you were there — I hope so anyways!).

    Have fun with the mix — looking fowrad to it!

    • Okay, apparently I did not meet Huck. I assumed this was your nickname for Roger. 🙂

      • I have many nicknames for my Roger — but Huck isn’t one of them! 😉

        (I sent you an email Abe…).


      • Hey Abe,

        Huckleberry is a perfect gentleman…But he looks like a black Standard Poodle. Some people think he is a beautiful dog but to SS and me, he is a beautiful person. He was house sitting for us while we were out gallivanting.


        • Carmen cleared it up for me. Ask my wife, I get very confused by relations, and now we’ve added a mystery poodle to the mix.

          • In these modern times it is very easy to get confused by relations. 8)

            • Yep. We live in the small town my wife grew up in and everytime she starts explaining who is related to who, my eyes glaze over. I just can’t follow it.

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