Posted by: Abe's Blog | June 15, 2010

I’m Alright But I’m Not Okay–An Audio Post

The music studio is coming along and I’m having fun with it. I am learning to mix correctly with the new software and the firewire interface is working perfectly. I’ve been pushing myself to learn to get good enough on the drums to at least lay a good track down. It is amazing what your brain can learn when you approach it with the right view. To me, this view is of the long term. We will never reach perfection, but should be in constant search of it. If your view is that you have the rest of your life to learn, and then strive for mastery of a subject–be it music, art, science, philosophy, faith, or love–then your life will be fulfilled with the excitement of learning.  Unlike the hard drive in my laptop, my brain will never reach full capacity.

A few months ago, I wrote and recorded this song in the studio. It was written during a time of spiritual battle and contains the essence of that thought, but I think it conveys a few more ideas…mostly the “train in my head going round on a track all day” line.

I’m Alright, But I’m Not Okay:

I’m working on a new song now. I have been struggling to create the sound that I hear in my head. It is so much fun! I’ll post that here when it is a little farther along. Hey, I’m thinking about putting together another CD! Why not? I’m still young, right?



  1. You’re young until you’re dead. That’s my thinking anyway.

    Your song has a cool beat to it. I’m one of those weird people who notice the notes long before the lyrics. Never mentioned this before either but you have a Barry McGuire sound with your voice, too. (That’s a good thing). 🙂

    Good job with it, Abe.

    • You know, I always notice the music and the beat before the lyrics also. That is probably because we play. The beat and rythym is actually how this song was built. That part that you hear that you like is being played on an 88-Rhodes Electric Suitcase piano from the ’60’s or early ’70’s. It’s a classic sound!

      Barry McGuire? Thanks!

  2. I actually noticed the lyrics more than the beat, though I like the beat as well. The lyrics are kind of soothing… I mean, we all feel like this at some point, maybe, for some of us, more times than we care to admit — especially during this economy — so there’s such a connection, but also an uplifting reminder. We are alright EVEN if we’re not okay. I like it!

    I shall wait for more music patiently. . .

    • Ah, thanks “Mz Carmen” 🙂

      Wolf and I play the keys, which may be why we notice notes and underlying music stuff first. There are many songs that I have listened to many times without ever noticing the lyrics–even though I write lyrics! It’s a funny thing. I’m glad you like the words in this song. This song was therapeutic for myself and those involved to make it. It was kind of like a “stick it” song. You know, someone gets you down, makes you feel low, then you do something that shows you and everyone else that you are still you, no matter what, and no matter what happens you are gonna be alright.

  3. This is great, Abe!

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