Posted by: Abe's Blog | May 30, 2010

Amazing Grace; An Audio Post

I plan to continue my epic, multi-part, psuedo-intellectual thriller, Green Mountain Takedown, in due course. But tonight I thought I would interrupt it briefly for a quick Audio Post from the studio. If you live on Mars or across town, you may not know that I have a studio inside of the industrial building I have my business in. It’s a great convenience for a musician, except when all of the recording capabilities are removed from it. I’ve been slowly piecing together the equipment necessary to record live, acoustic material in the studio, and the final items have come together in the last few weeks. I now have a killer set-up in a great 2-room studio space. 

The following audio file is raw and virtually unedited, meaning that you can hear me breathing and moving before I sing. A responsible recording artist would never post something like this online. But I think there’s something to hear in that raw format, and I’ve been trying to sing this song for years with limited success. I’ll fix it up real good and layer on a few more instruments and singers, but for now this is what it is:

Amazing Grace, Recorded 5/29/10 in The Shop


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  1. Ooh. A little pitchy, dawg.

  2. This took my soul to a deeply beautiful place

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