Posted by: Abe's Blog | April 18, 2010

Moonlight Path–A Piano Audio Post

Thank you all for your response to Believe–An Audio Post. The extra confidence helps to give me the kick-start I need to finish this CD. Although I am concerned about laying out the dough it requires to do a duplication run, perhaps I can find a duplication source that will allow me to run less than 1,000 CD’s–I don’t think I need that many to sell through CD Baby. is an excellent site for independent artists to sell CD’s as well as individual downloadable songs.

I’m posting another improv piece from the CD. From Ready to Wait, this song is called “Moonlight Path”. I hope you enjoy it:

I think I will need to take this show on the road in order to promote the CD, so pull out your trundle bed and stock up on hot dogs and Perrier so I can crash at your pad in style. I’ll be the guy driving the Chevy pickup with gun racks towing a grand piano on a flatbed. I will have my band with me as well–Roger will need a dry place to store his jugs–so clean out the garage for us, too.



  1. Sir abe, I really liked this bro. I am not really a piano type of music listener, but I could enjoy this while relaxing.

    • Than you! Mission accomplished. 🙂

  2. Abe, I got no trundle bed, and no garage, but when you come to Birmingham, Alabama area, you can have my daughter’s bed (No..she is living out of town, going to college) and your band can have the futon in the living room. I will even cook you steaks!
    Just let me know when you will be here!

    Love the tune.

    • Ha ha, thanks Denese! Be forewarned though, I sleep in Spongebob Squarepants jammies. I love steaks!

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