Posted by: Abe's Blog | April 15, 2010

Mad World–An Audio Post

How crass of me to post another song on the heels of the last! But the road to stardom is paved with the souls of the trodden. Or…is it the road is trodden by worn out soles..either way, tonight I decided to learn “Mad World” and enjoyed the experience so much that I recorded the session and will post it here with the following warning: I am not Adam Lambert. Neither am I Gary Jules, the man who put this song back on the charts twenty years after Tears for Fears released the song on The Hurting. No, I’m just me, singing a song I love.

Song is filling me again and it is a good thing. But I have to let it out! Otherwise, like a cougar in a cage, it will take its claws and tear a hole right through my lining and then I will be left standing in bloody carnage.

So for now I will just sing. And play. And keep chasing that dream. And if I trod on your soul, I pray that it is only because your soul is racing skyward and I couldn’t get out of your way fast enough.



  1. Wow, I’m an 80s girl and I just can’t warm up to that version. Never heard it before.

    • I actually didn’t hear it until more recently–it was released in this arrangement for the movie Donnie Darko.

  2. I didn’t enjoy this as much as your other stuff. I am enjoying reading your posts again. Sorry if I am just lurking lately, just been really busy.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Thomas. It’s good to see you here, even if the music sucks. 🙂

  3. I’m an 80’s boy and I recognized it right away. I love this song. I can’t sing and I can appreciate anyone that does. Thanks.

  4. Without other versions to sway my opinion, I like this song very much. Guess that makes me a fanofabe.

  5. Welllll… I’ve tried and tried to hear this, as its one of my faves, both then and now. Unfortunately, it’s not buffering quite right or maybe its just the connection. It’s too bad I can’t download it and listen to it on Media Player. I’ll check it out when I can get up to the library. You should do more cover songs. You have a really nice voice. There’s a Meredith Brooks song I like to sing acapella, except I change it up a bit – slow down the tempo and give it a more bluesy sound. You could work up something on the piano to accompany it. Plenty of other songs you could do that to as well. I like to make a song my own when I sing it. Mikki-ize it! LOL

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