Posted by: Abe's Blog | April 15, 2010

Believe–An Audio Post

In 1998, I emerged from a doomed marriage into a strange new world. I had been married from the age of eighteen. For reasons I never understood, my music had been a point of contention in the marriage. At some point–young, confused, yearning for peace and normalcy–I agreed to give up my musical dreams. But my acquiescence in this matter was not heart-felt. In my head–the place in which I increasingly dwelt–I knew I could never stop playing music. Asking me to quit was like asking a bird not to fly…I believe this was probably the point of the demand.  I could not keep the music inside, so I began to live a quiet, secret second life. Strange as it may seem, this second life was what most would term a “normal” life. And in this life, I continued to compose and to play music. In fact, a Steinway Grand in the Memorial Union of Oregon State University was my constant friend; I would sit and close my eyes and imagine a beautiful world and the sound waves emanating from the open lid of the grand would transport me away.

In 1999, a friend with a music studio set up a digital recorder with a stereo compressor microphone on the big Steinway. He punched “record” and I sat down and improvised for about an hour. We repeated the process the next evening. I carried these two recording sessions around with me for the next 8 years or so before finally breaking them down into their component pieces. A couple of years ago, I finished this process and sent the final, mixed songs up to Sonic Media studios in Portland, Oregon for final mastering. All that remains is to send it off for duplication and CD production. It just seems that things keep getting in the way of this. Or perhaps I am dragging my feet. It is sometimes annoying to be a pianist; the size of the instrument presents barriers to the promotional shows required to sell one’s CD’s.

I’ve included a track from this piano CD, Ready to Wait, for you to hear. Click on the link below. God bless!

The song is titled “Believe”



  1. Thank you, Jethro. Your music has always been a treat.

    • Thank you, Ken. I appreciate that.

  2. Way to go, Abe!

    Good luck with your CD’s !

  3. After listening to your post, I am guessing that my idea about Jethro and Virgil (my first name) starting a Bluegrass Band probably would not work. 8)

    • Virgil? Yes! That’s perfect. And you are wrong, my friend; a majority of the music I’ve written over the past couple of years has been bluegrass style 🙂
      I like lots of kinds of music, but bluegrass is dear to my heart as my dad used to take me to old-time bluegrass jams when I was a youngster. I even learned to play the fiddle–Turkey in the Straw!

      So break out that banjo, Virgil! Or is it a mandolin?

      • Actually it would have to be a Gut Bucket, or a Washboard, since I don’t really know how to play a real musical instrument.

        I have been to the fiddler’s contest in Weiser, Idaho and I do love Bluegrass music.

        Once upon a time I played a mean Bongo drum.

        • Do you play the jugs? I think being a jug player would be a good job!

          • I could do jugs. If they had moonshine in them, they would sound different after each song tho’. 8)

            • Yeah, you’d have a hard time keeping your jugs in tune. Heh.

  4. Wow… very impressed, Abe. So glad to have you posting these music blogs now. What a treat. You have quite the gift. Don’t forget us little people, your biggest fans. Beautiful, seriously, Abe!

    • You know how I roll, Suz. I never forget the little people; I need them to wash my Hummer and clean up after my dog.

  5. Very peaceful, Abe. You have way with notes, my friend.

  6. Abe, do not drag your feet any further. CD’s, I tunes, CD Baby…get this out there.

    • Thank you, sir! I have looked into CD Baby and that looks like a great route.

  7. I would have never guessed Jethro. I love being surprised. Very beautiful and serene. There’s a depth to BELIEVE isn’t there. Almost a crying deep faith of believing but not seeing the results just yet. But that’s the point of “believing” isn’t it. And at the end, there’s more reason to believe… I wish at the end it didn’t fade off because I would have loved to hear how you ended it. I guess I need to buy the CD, huh?

    Really beautiful, touched my heart- – and perfect way to end my day. Thank you!

    • What a great comment, Nadia. The original recording of that song is probably about 15 minutes long–unfortunately, much too long for a standard CD. A few of my songs had to be edited for length. All of the wonderful comments have given me resolve to get this CD produced and out there. Thank you so much!

      • I thought it was beautiful…exactly what I needed! Can’t wait for you to finish it. You really MUST. No excuses! Hugs!

  8. This is very lovely and moving! I can see a movie in my head to go along with the music.
    How wonderful that you rediscovered your enormous talent. May you progress far with it!

  9. Thank you, Keli! Yes, I think it is a gift to be shared…I just need to find a way. Thanks again.

  10. Great stuff!

  11. I’m so glad you never gave up your dreams. I remember watching you play 25 yrs ago. Its even more amazing to hear how your music has evolved thru the years. You are truly blessed with a very special, God given, gift. I can hardly wait to hear your CD.

    • Thank you, Mika! Appreciate the positive feedback.

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