Posted by: Abe's Blog | April 11, 2010


Peace is in the water. Peace is in the air.
Comfort is my friend, my soft and sturdy chair.
The softness of a child’s hand, the smoothness of his hair,
The laughter in your eyes, when you turn upon the stair.
The world is open to us.

Peace is in the daylight. Peace is in the sun.
Holding us together, the circle of the one.
Shadows fleet like butterflies, to fly before the dawn.
Joyful song surrounding us, like circles in the pond.
The world is full of us.

Peace is in the twilight. Peace is in the wind.
The tendril of amazing, into the heights ascend,
To kiss the face of angels, whose song with thee to blend,
To lift the heart of many, to justify the end.
The world is made for us.

Peace is in the tempest. Peace is in the fire.
The solitude of darkness, the razor on the wire.
Within the stone of capture, one voice is lifting higher.
The willingness of loneliness, to climb out of the mire.
The world is made for you.
The world is made for you.

(c) Jethro Abram Mantle, 2010



  1. Amen, brother Abe, Amen!

  2. Abe! That was GREAT! Nicely done. And may I also add that I love your first name: Jethro! Very cool!

    • Thanks, Nadiah. Unfortunately, my first name was a source of ridicule when I was young. I use it for artsy-fartsy stuff only. 🙂

  3. Aaah, but see how little you know? Hollywood has come and saved the name “Jethro” and made it very popular lately. One of the most watched TV shows on CBS right now is “NCIS” which stars Mark Harmon as head of an investigative team. And guess what his name is? Yup: Jethro. Jethro Gibbs. Special Agent Jethro Gibbs, that is.’re name is so “IN” nowadays! 😉

    • Yes, slowly turning the tide from The Beverly Hillbillies! Thank God.

  4. Wow… this is a different Abe, yet I can see it… especially with your musical abilities and your faith, it all works perfectly. Beautiful piece, Abe.

    • Thanks, Suz. Poetry is for nerds, so I rarely poat mine. 🙂

  5. I think I meant “post”, not poat. I don’t know what poat means, but it sounds like it hurts.

  6. And to think Mrs. Dawson was my teacher too……lol

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