Posted by: Abe's Blog | February 21, 2010

Hello world!

Here I am. At last.
Welcome, you who reads this text. Within the annals of the blogage within, you will find snippets of verse, stories of love and laughter, serious expositions on the state of the world, and other such nonsense. Please to enjoy.

Jethro “Abe” Mantle



  1. DUDE!!! You’ve got yourself a blogsite here!!! Too cool!!

    Glad you’re here, Abe. Can’t wait till you get a chance to explore this place (after posting your first blog here of course). You’ll find it much more accommodating to writers than myspace.

    • Mr. Wolf! Yes, I’m happy that you pointed me in this direction. Now if I can just find some time to blog!

  2. You’ll have to find time now….I’m reading you too and waiting with anticipation!

    Bet you’re wondering why I’m here? I had to find out who spoiled my Wolfie by calling out his name all the time! He just doesn’t seem like a “Doug”…”Wolfie”…yup, that’s it!

    Nice to “meet” you ABE.

    • Sweet! It’s nice to have a reader. I’ve been reading by myself, but it’s just not the same. Welcome. I’ll check out your stuff, too.

  3. This is the single greatest blog of 2010.

    For me, anyway.

    Others may disagree (and if they do, I’ll fight ’em).

    • Kind words, Ken. I appreciate the sentimental sap. Give me some more.

  4. I just had to bookmark!

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